Members Of Guangdong Sandstone Association Visited Guangdong Leimeng Heavy Machinery


On March 24th, 2018, leaders of the Guangdong Sandstone Association visited the site of Guangdong Leimeng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and they conducted a guided talk on equipment production capabilities and product technological innovation.

Leimeng Heavy Machinery

Afterwards, we visited the production base of our company and visited the office environment of Guangdong Leimeng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as well as the performance of the internal facilities and equipment of the factory as well as the corporate culture.

After the leaders of the Guangdong Sandstone Association and all entrepreneurs carefully examined the company’s site, Mr. Zhang Hongqiang, the chairman of our company, introduced the company’s products and related technologies.

Mr. Zhang Hongqiang, Chairman of Leimeng Machinery, led a field trip with Guangdong Sandstone Association

a field trip of Leimeng Heavy Machinery

At present, the company has become one of China's major professional mining equipment and production and export bases for industrial milling, cone crusher, and sand washing equipment(impeller sand washer, screw sand washing separator). A series of dust-removing products such as bio-nanometer bubble dust suppressor, bag dust collector, dry fog dust suppressor, and industrial sludge concentration filter press dewatering equipment were introduced. For the mines, quarries, garbage recycling and other places of dust pollution control, sludge dewatering and concentrated pressure filter comprehensive utilization treatment, matching leading solutions and products.

Lei Meng Mechanical Leader took a group photo with the leaders of Guangdong Sandstone Association

Cone Crusher, Impeller Sand Washer, Screw Sand Washing Separator

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leimeng 02
leimeng 01
leimeng 02